Here are some of our sample operations for group play, team-building, and over all coordinated Star Citizen fun. Whether the group craves that Mil-Sim feel or you are trying to role play a murder mystery, there are lots of fun things to do in the verse given a little instruction. Getting your group on the same page can be hard at times, but with patience and persistence everyone will start to realize how fun it can be. Star Citizen’s emergent game-play, even it’s most jerky pre-Alpha stages, is absolutely incredible. When your group hits that groove, you will all see why it was worth getting involved in this most ambitious project.

2 Teams, Breaching + Defense, VIP

Individual, Racing, Ground Vehicle use

Multiple Independent Claws, PvP, Small-team Tactics

2 Teams, Assault + Defense, VIP

2 Teams, Escort + Assault, Fighters, Gunnery, Trade Simulation

2 Teams, Assault + Defense, Dropships, Boarding/Repulsion