- Courtesy of Hagrid1989

Ideally to be carried out in Zero G as to utilize the EVA aspect of FPS. - VARIANT - The Hammerhead has crashed on a hostile planet/moon and the Breachers must land to carry out there attack.

Location could involve asteroid heavy areas.

  • 2 Teams - The Defense team situated on a Hammerhead that has been disabled and is floating in space

  • The Breach team are tasked with surveying the hammerhead and breaching to either kill all aboard or extract a VIP

  • The basic premise here can be pulled from THE RAID * as similar aspects of game-play would be present.

  • The Breach team are allowed to come in from any angle here and use any form of tactic they see fit,

  • The Defense team are free to leave the Hammerhead if the need arises but are unable to get into a ship and fire upon the Breachers,

  • The Breachers are not allowed to fire upon the Hammerhead using ship weaponry!

  • The Defense team, depending on their objective would lock down the hammerhead, WAVES can be introduced as more people join meaning the Defense team would have to fight of numerous attackers. This can be a game-play aspect added on the fly.

  • A reward can be based of numerous outcomes

The Victories conditions are as follows;

  • A member of the Breach team kills the VIP (If applicable)

  • The Defense team successfully fight out a set amount of Breachers

  • The Breachers kill all the Defense team.