Vanguard SuperVerse™ Competition

Vanguard FPS Contest

Code Name: Another one Bites the Dust

The location of a Reclaimer belonging to a ruthless pirate org with one of the highest bounties in the Verse has just hit the market. You've been hired to go to this Reclaimer and help retrieve nav data from its computers. Several other bounty hunting outfits have also gotten their hands on the info, as the data seller sold it multiple times. It's unknown as to why it is empty or for how long it will remain unattended. Your employer wants the nav data and have a data ship hiding nearby to download the intel. The Reclaimer has a self-destruct booby trap that will detonate if any ships come within 800 meters. Any firing of ships weapons will trigger self-destruct and are not allowed during the contest. This is FPS combat only. You must park your ship 800 meters away and EVA onto the ship, power it on, and fly out of there before the pirates show up after getting a ping that their ship has been powered on.

You will be provided a stipend for outfitting if needed. File requests in triplicate with employers HR department and then make copies and take them to Security office.

Objectives: Enter Reclaimer, proceed to bridge and power it on (Free for All-FPS-Last Man Standing). This will allow your employer’s data ship to download the encrypted nav data from the ship’s computer. The nav data, once decrypted can extrapolate where the pirate base is, and plan further attacks accordingly. **Completing this objective award’s 1 point this point is subtracted from the 10 points that would we awarded to 1st place** the last mand standing.

The round will start with # of people (number of contestant’s TBD but maybe 10 people per round scalable. Ship my change as well) all being spaced out in 360-degree spherical pattern no closer than 800 meters away from the Reclaimer.

If there are enough players to hold multiple rounds, we will do so with 1st and maybe 2nd place contestants playing a final round to determine pt winners.

Special rule: 1 pt will always be awarded for turning on power even if we have multiple rounds. This is to help encourage it not being a camp fest once inside. Legit play but there are more than one way into the ship and it’s a free for all, good luck!

Win Conditions and points

1st place and winner receives 10 points. Caveat 9 points if someone else powers on the ships (retrieves nav data, the person that turns ship power on gets 1 point)

2nd place winner = 7 pts. 2nd to last person eliminated

3rd place winner = 5 pts. 3rd to last

4th place winner = 3 pts. .…

5th place winner = 1 pt. …..

Special: 1 point to the person that powers the ship on no matter their rank in death. If this point is removed from 1st point pool reducing it to 9 pts for 1st place.

Vanguard Dog Fighting Contest

Code Name: Where’d who go

This contest will be a straight forward Arena commander tournament style brackets to determine champion. It will be held in Arena commander Free Flight mode and will be 1v1 style fights. May have ship restrictions to create more equal playing field. REC ships can be rented if you may not have access to a fighter although in Free Flight you should be able to use someone else’s by you to just switching ships. I believe you can EVA in Free flight. So, you can potentially spawn a ship for someone else to fight with. Ship components do not have to be stock.

1st place winner = 10 pts. Tournament winner

2nd place winner = 7 pts.

3rd place winner = 5 pts.

4th place winner = 3 pts.

5th place winner = 1 pt.

Industries- Mining Event:Ita Win Ore Lose

Event time frame: 24 hrs 12am-12am CST

Material to mine: Gold, Copper and Agriciuim.

Location: Ita

Bonus: 20% and less inert material is awarded double the points on that haul.

Frontier- Cargo Hauling Event: The Stanton Endurance Run

Event time frame: 24 hrs 12am-12am CST

Material restictions: No Widow

Ship restrictions: Ships that exceed

140 SCU. Must use the same ship during event to force people to plan a strategy.

Location: Stanton System

Bonus: 10% Bonus for supplies sold to JT.

Automatic Disqualification if you lose all of your money in PvP, server crashes, or ship crashes.

Premiere- Hold My Beer

Event time: 48 hours to complete all races. Shubin being the finale(make up race time if needed).

Ship restrictions: none

Location: AC Ship Racing all 4 maps. Shubin to Eager flats vehicle race

Bonus: 1 in Tournament point for each additional win.