The Inception

Vanguard (VNGD) was formed in September of 2018 by our Founders, DracoHardt and his trusty sidekick Randrik. They felt there was a true need to have a meaningful yet fun organization in Star Citizen, that listened to and valued its members.

Since then we have grown into a quality org, run by an active player base, with a strong emphasis on structure, organization, and training. There are several organizations that claim to be active, structured and organized, but few that can support those claims. We want to grow organically, with quality members. We are not an exclusive organization, we know there are many citizens who have friends in other ORGS. Vanguard is designed to ensure players get the absolute best from their gaming experience. It embraces the hard-working citizen emboldening earth’s honest future in space as well as the dark and criminal aspects of the game such as smuggling and subterfuge.

Vanguard believes in quality training for its members, so they feel comfortable when they travel with the other members in the organization. Vanguard therefore places a strong emphasis on the teaching aspect, so that new members can quickly become powerful companions and contribute to the Vanguard community; with a goal that keeps the group entirely non-toxic in nature. We want everyone in the organization to feel confident that they have been tested and proven to do the things they want to do to the best of their abilities, along with the camaraderie that comes with bonding with mates you rely on.