The following is subject to change as we update our structure

A feather alone flies away uncontrolled, while feathers together soar as a unified wing.

In order to have controlled growth as an organization in the verse, Vanguard is divided into 6 branching units known as Wings. These Wings are at their best when each member within them works together as a cohesive unit. The intent is for all of the Wings to work together to maximize our organization’s capabilities and opportunities.

There are three primary roles in Frontier Wing. The first, is the ability to provide safe and reliable transportation of organizational assets via Transport Group’s vast fleet. Secondly, the Commerce Group is charged with conducting profitable trade in various commodities across the Verse. Finally, the Homestead Group establishes and manages facilities and outposts that expand Vanguard’s influence throughout the galaxy. Together, they form the logistical backbone that enables the success of our organization’s every endeavor.

Roles of the Industries Wing are all related to acquiring and selling resources, both natural and man-made, within the Verse to help support the organization. These include mining metals and minerals from both planetary and spaceborne bodies, acquiring gases and fuel useful for both science and star travel, and salvaging from abandoned or claimed wrecks of either ships or structures discovered by the team.

The Initiative Wing is responsible for duties that require, well, initiative. Foremost among these is surveying ahead of Vanguard to identify both danger and points of interest for the other Wings. Exploring the identified points of interest and further cataloguing, physically, those areas. Using science to both further study scientific anomalies along with working on technological discoveries to provide Vanguard with an edge. Finally, conduct data running operations as a courier for clients or obtain data for sale elsewhere.

MedTech Wing is the group of Vanguardians that keep both the personnel and the vehicles of space and ground healthy and strong. They can fix/repair/replace what is necessary to get things moving; man or machine. MedTech has places for those that prefer to work in combat situations as well as those focused on more peaceful pursuits. It’s not all about fixing things either - Technical staff operate our systems, from ship shields to drone operation, and make sure our ships have the supplies they need for a successful voyage.

Premiere is unlike any other Wing in Vanguard, as it supports some gameplay (and honestly work) that the others do not offer. Public Relations contains marketing, recruitment, diplomacy, and a fancy bodyguard unit. Human Resources is a real world designation, and this squadron has to deal with real world problems like (digital) paperwork, orienting new personnel, and handling complaints. Event Promotion appears the most game-like, as they handle Vanguard parties and spectacular tours or races. The streamers of Vanguard also belong to this group and focus on many aspects of Star Citizen and Vanguard.

This Wing has a responsible burden upon it but those who join usually relish the opportunity to show their skill. Security, first and foremost, handles the defense of Vanguard operations and the protection of our assets. Protection does not always mean defense; sometimes taking the fight to the enemy is required. Both bounty hunting and pirate hunting are conducted by this Wing, to provide safety for the organization or added profit through the hiring out of those services.


The final wing is Command Wing, the administrative and executive heart of Vanguard. The plans for the present and future of Vanguard as a whole will come from this Wing but the other units of Vanguard will be able to provide input on their needs and desires for what and where Vanguard should go and do while each Wing’s leaders independently run day-to-day. This is not a Wing that can be joined but rather you are nominated into it by the Vanguard Leadership Board. Command also has a unique organization because of its overarching needs.


Manpower Section (S-1) Training, Promotions

Defense Section (S-2) Intelligence, Security

Operations Section (S-3) Planning, Coordination

Logistics Section (S-4) Supplies, Facilities, Services

Signal Section (S-5) Communications

Interact Section (S-6) InterOrg & Verse relations


Each operations Wing will interact with the Command Wing to understand the most recent overall goals of the organization, and obtain information on the needs for any large planned operations. It is also expected that the leaders of each Wing also communicate with each other so we can all benefit from the resources of the organization, both in personnel, and those of materiel (ships, vehicles, etc). Working together as a unit, small or large, will allow our members to do what they enjoy doing (mining, cargo hauling, dogfighting, scanning, etc) while hopefully avoiding participating in activities they would rather avoid.

As an example, a Reclaimer team from Industries Wing loves doing the actual salvaging operations but hates having to stop and haul the goods back to a base to sell it. So a unit from Frontier Wing is contacted to haul the salvage back to base so the Reclaimer can stay out at the wreck. Meanwhile both teams hate having to fight off various pirates or opposing organizations so Security Wing provides support for both parties doing what they love to do, killing things. In this type of operation, you have a Reclaimer, a Caterpillar or maybe several Freelancer MAX doing the hauling, and a group of Sabre and Gladius fighters and possibly a Hammerhead to protect the expensive Reclaimer if the territory is very dangerous. This type of variance and flexibility is not possible with only one person or even a couple at this scale - it is only possible with an organization.