In Collaboration with Hagrid1989


  • Each team will be given an Itinerary of the Op and will be asked to read this prior to mission start.

  • DEFENDERS - Will be tasked with securing an Outpost and finding a Secure place to house and protect their VIP (The VIP will be unarmed)

  • ATTACKERS - Will need to work as a team and assault the defenders to capture or kill the VIP (This will be in the Itinerary, either capture or kill.

  • We will also have a SPECTATOR area - This will have a set number of ships - 600i, Falcon and so on - This will be home for people to watch the event and then JOIN the event once a team has been declared the winner.

  • Group Captain - The group Captain will be in charge of their team and this has no basis on Org rank, this can be decided on discussion or a coin flip mini game. The GC will be in charge of the team and will call the orders out, gives people a taste for the leadership aspect.

  • Great practice for the SOAR and Security wing

  • Ideally there will be 3 Discord rooms in play - SPECTATOR / Announcer room, ASSAULT TEAM, DEFENSE TEAM.

  • As per Hagrid, we would require the GC in each team to Stream/Record.

  • I would like to set SUNDAY as the EVENT/Competition Day - However, this sort of event can be Pop Up and be organized on demand of players.

The Victories conditions are as follows;

  • VIP is killed by the Assault team

  • VIP is Captured by the Assault team and taken into custody (PO)

  • The Defense team kill all the Assault forces

  • Payout idea for 10k per team member depending on how many players per team, can be decided on the day by a Org leader.

  • An Announcer would be recommended to keep order in Discord and also give the Spectators an overview of what is happening, Announcer would be in a support ship overlooking the battlefield - The Spectator ships would be stationary but can be moved to get better views.