Confirmed and Tested *Special Thanks to Hagrid1989 & XDeath_AngelX for helping - To be put into trial runs and tested with a live group.

Possible drop points,

. Hurston - Hdms - Oparei

. Hurston - Hdms - lathan

  • Support Ship would be advised,

  • The Caterpillar Drop / Mystery Race,

  • Pre-setup to completed by 2/3 people prior to event starting,

  • Experienced Caterpillar Pilot needed,

  • 4 Cyclones Needed,

  • Each of the 4 bays within the caterpillar will have a Cyclone inside,

  • 4/8 Racers needed - This can be increased with an extra Caterpillar, Minimum people would be 4,

  • Once all racers and co-pilots are sat in there respective Cyclone the Caterpillar pilot will jump to an unknown location (pre-planned by officials)

  • A separate official will jump to a location that will act as a finish/relay point, this depending on how long we want the race to be,

  • Once the Caterpillar and Official are in place the doors will open and the Cyclone pilot will engage engines and hot drop from said caterpillar,

  • A support ship will fly close to the race monitoring the race and providing support to any flipped Cyclones,

  • Winner receives cash prize! - Spectators are welcome - Announcer would be ideal,