"The mechanics of Industry is easy. The real engine is the people: their motivation and direction." -Ken Gilbert



Welcome to the Industries Wing! Here you will find a team that prides themselves in being a financial pillar for Vanguard. Mining, Salvage and Fuel collection are not for those that are looking for an easy job. This wing takes patience, perseverance and teamwork to succeed in our goals. We focus on fundamental execution and we are not driven by ego but by accomplishments. We respect and trust one another, communicating openly and taking ownership of our actions. We are committed to doing the right things no matter the cost. We are good Vanguardians and share our success with our organization. We fight everyday to improve ourselves and our wing. We take action and take personal responsibility for getting the job done. You have been selected to join the best wing in Vanguard and therefor we expect the best from you. Therefor, the following expectations will be met with no compromise:


-We do not pirate within Vanguard or outside of Vanguard. Our actions individually are just as important as our actions together and must reflect Vanguards credo. Therefor there is a zero tolerance for piracy.

-When participating with or within another wing be respectful, attentive and follow the commanding officer(s) on site. If you are participating with a wing's event then you are there as a visitor, no matter your rank.

-Encourage your wing no matter their skill level and seniority. We are here to help each other reach our goals in life and in the verse.

-RLF-Real Life First

-Follow the rules within Vanguard as you are representing the Industry wing.

-Have Fun!