The ‘verse can be a disordered, dangerous place. Vanguard Security Wing works to keep that discord in check, and helps each and every one of our members feel safer, stronger, and freer to pursue their goals. Learn more about the different Groups that make up Vanguard Security, or read on to discover more about our Wing’s expectations.





Security Members, Standing Orders


Current Leadership

Wing Commander Esdin


Fleet Captain Apex_9

Marine Captain Rippurr

Patrol Captain TehHazy



We Play The Game We Have

There will be months and years before Star Citizen is the game it will eventually become.  In the meantime, we have to engage with each other in fun and productive ways. Negativity towards bugs, missing mechanics, griefing, and so on are just going to tear us down.  The game is not perfect, it’s hardly even begun, we will work with this to create a positive play environment for our members and org mates. We work with what we’ve got, we excel within the confines of our universe and we make it fun for ourselves and each other.  

A Culture Of Professionalism

Vanguard Security promotes a culture of professionalism.  Highly trained, effective and a pleasure to work with. Security is not a dedicated war-fighting group, but instead a services branch of the organization.  Each member of security should feel it is a personal affront of a member of Vanguard is blown-up, ship-jacked, or griefed. Security needs to feel it is their duty to protect this organization, and perhaps even more importantly, make the organization FEEL protected.  

Communicative And Receptive

This means, communicating, being friendly, courteous and patient.  It means always showing up prepared and when you die, getting back into the action as quickly as possible.  We all are human and suffer from personal weaknesses, it is up to the team to support each other and help plug those holes.  Vanguard should be a place where people feel they are incredibly safe to play, Security is always there watching out for them.



Be Prepared

All members of security should familiarize themselves with their Group’s Uniform and standard equipment loadout, and make sure to have it on their person to be ready for deployment at a moment’s notice. Similarly, Pilots should keep their ships maintained and properly equipped.

Be Helpful

When logging in, join on other members and find out what they are doing.  If someone is trading, ping them and see if they need help. If someone is mining, ping them and offer to patrol their area.  This can be boring at times, but you’re providing security to those who need it.


Be Informed

Security members should stay up-to-date on Star Citizen updates and game meta. This is mainly achieved through training, whether at a group level or as individuals.  Know the game, know how to be effective, how to navigate, how take part in the various activities. Most importantly, SOPs are written for a reason, there is no excuse for not being familiar with each of them.

Be Involved

Members should keep up to date on org activities and developments. We all have responsibilities in real life, and Real Life Comes First, but when you are in game, you should be flying with org-mates, and if you can’t play but have the time to stop by Discord, we appreciate seeing members active in text and voice channels.