Vanguard’s trading activities have attracted the attention of some pirate scum. Safely escort several large tradeships to multiple planetside outposts and back home with no losses, but stay alert!



  • At least 1 Large Tradeship (Starfarer, Freelancer MAX, or Starferer), fully manned turrets + helm per 10 participants (rounded up) on Vanguard side.

  • At least 2 Marines per tradeship for shipboard and trade outpose security

  • At least 2 light fighters (Forward Escort)

  • At least 1 medium fighter (Close Escort)

  • Optional: 1 gunship


  • Any combination of fighters and gunships; no corvettes.

  • At least one dropship with at least 4 FPS combatants.


  • Strong Recommendation: Don’t actually get any cargo.

  • Each tradeship takes 5 minutes to fill. Helmsman or optional crew member from that vessel must be physically present at terminal during that 5 minute timer.

  • All ships should be unlocked at all times (to simulate ship door hacking).

  • Tradeship destruction is permanent.


  • Fighters may reinforce continuously.

  • If Dropship is lost, it may reinforce as long as there is still a combatant alive on the ground (for extraction), or at least 2 combatants are back on board.

  • Deceased Tradeship Crew may redeploy in an escort role.

  • Players can reshuffle as needed. Make sure any ships used for transport to reshuffle are destroyed.

Victory Conditions

  • Pirates

    • Full Victory - All Tradeships destroyed or hijacked

    • 1 point for every Tradeship destroyed

    • 3 points for every Tradeship hijacked

  • Vanguard

    • Full Victory - All Tradeships make it to final destination

    • 2 points for every tradeship that makes it to final destination