We've received intel that a Talented Hacker is offering their services. They've created a program that can tap into the Trade Network and skim a healthy flow of credits off the rounding errors, and it's time for a test. All they need to do the job is transport to a few remote Trade Terminals to deploy it. Shortly, they’ll be opening connections to their network for all interested parties.

You are part of an independent team trying to capitalize on this opportunity. Work together to outwit the other groups, secure the target, and get away scot-free.

Teamspeak is required for this operation. For details on setting up Teamspeak for Vanguard, visit the VOIP section


  • All participants will be broken up into roughly equal-sized Claws, each with a Claw Leader of their choice.

  • Claws may choose from a combination of the ships below up to a total number of points as set at the operation start. All ships must be left unlocked at all times.

    • 4 points: Caterpillar, Starfarer, 600i, Reclaimer, Hammerhead

    • 3 points: Constellation, Retaliator, Valkyrie, Mercury, Apollo, Corsair

    • 2 points: Cutlass, Freelancer, Vanguard, Prowler, Redeemer, Glaive, Scythe, Eclipse

    • 1 point: Reliant, Mustang, Gladius, Arrow, Terrapin, Sabre, Hornet, Hawk, Defender, 300 series, 100 series, Titan, Aurora

    • 0 points: Any ship or ground vehicle which is not Quantum-Capable. I.e. Dragonfly, Merlin, Cyclone, Ursa Rover. Considered “equipment”.

  • Claw Leaders aren't allowed to pilot, and the Hacker will only travel on a walkable ship, with the Claw Leader aboard.

  • If a Claw member dies, they may only reinforce if your ships-in-the-field are less than your maximum ship point total.

  • If your Claw Leader dies, they may leave the Hacker's party and appoint a substitute who can move the Hacker.

Party Setup

  • Claw Leaders and Hacker will be in a party together. They will all be able to see markers for each other, and are freely able to share that intel with their Claw Members.

  • Claw Members will be unpartied, and must rely on comms and visual identification to work together effectively.

Comms Setup

  • Each Claw will be in their own Teamspeak channel

  • Each Claw Leader will have a whisper channel to the Hacker. The Hacker will have a whisper channel to each Claw Leader, a whisper channel that broadcasts to all Claw Leaders, and a whisper channel to all Claw channels for mission critical status updates.


  1. Participants are broken down into Claws of equal size and given 15 minutes to choose their Claw Leader, equip, and spawn any ships.

  2. Hacker enables his network: forms a party with all Claw Leaders. Hostilities go live, pickup location announced.

  3. Hacker is successfully ex-filtrated from pickup point, and the responsible Claw earns a Mission Point and any rewards. First Trade Terminal location announced.

  4. Hacker is delivered to first trade terminal, and begins 3 minute hack after announcing the next Trade Terminal location. Claw in control of the Hacker when the hack is completed is awarded a Mission Point and any rewards. Repeat for all Trade terminals.

  5. After arriving at final Trade Terminal, Hacker announces dropoff location.

The Hacker

  • The Hacker must wear a distinctive and clearly communicated outfit or armor, with no weapons equipped. Preference for brightly colored armors or flight suits, with non-combat aesthetics.

    • Any participant caught wearing the same outfit with no weapons attached will be expelled from the operation immediately.

  • Control of the Hacker is established by Claw Leader being within 20m and having line-of-sight (windows not included) to the Hacker. Claw Leader must also be the only Claw Leader within 40m of the Hacker, regardless of line-of-sight.

  • Hacker will move with the Claw Leader as long as they remain within 20m of the Hacker and maintain control, regardless of line-of-sight. Hacker will never take lead, but is free to position themselves in such a way as to minimize chance of accidental death in a cross-fire.

  • Hacker always moves at slowest walking speed due to a knee injury they suffered when they were younger.

  • Claw Leader may ask Hacker to hold position.

  • Control is immediately lost as soon as another Claw Leader is confirmed by the Hacker to be within 40m, at which point Hacker will find the nearest cover and hold position.

    • Claw Leaders, please let the Hacker know you are approaching so they can get eyes on your marker and now when to stop.

Mission Failure

  • If the Hacker is killed, the mission is a failure. Do not kill the hacker

    • The Galacticat Addendum

      If the Hacker is purposely killed, the Claw responsible takes over full responsibility for paying any rewards.


  • Wear a distinguishing piece of armor so you can easily visually identify your teammates.

  • Use comms heavily to minimize risk of friendly fire. Keep your teammates informed.

  • Claw Leaders: Be careful what you say to the Hacker. They are an informant by trade.