Urgent Alert!

A Vanguard Caterpillar carrying valuable cargo has just been seized by Pirate forces. After a battle that left the ship grounded, the vessel was boarded, and all hands were lost, but not before the crew managed to disable several systems.

Command estimates we have 30 minutes to reclaim the vessel before the pirates are able to get it operating again, at which point they will make for one of their bases elsewhere on the planet. Get to the target, board the vessel, and take out the trash!


  • Members will be split into two teams

    • The majority of participants will be the Vanguard reclamation team, tasked with reaching the surface, boarding the caterpillar, and confirming all pirates aboard have been eliminated.

    • A smaller group will be the pirates, who will be trying to hold the Caterpillar for 30 minutes, at which point they will take off. The pirates will also have use of a single cutlass, “their transport.”

      • Size allowing, pirates will also have up to 1 additional Cutlass, and 2 support light fighters, who may deploy as the pirates see fit.

Reclamation Team

  • Reclamation Team may only use 1 Cutlass Black or Vanguard Hoplite per 6 Marines, or else a single Valkyrie.

  • Reclamation Team may have two support fighters per pirate Cutlass, and one additional support fighter per pirate light fighter.

  • Reclamation Team must make all attempts possible to reclaim the Caterpillar. Do not destroy the vessel unless absolutely necessary.

pirate Team

  • In the battle, the Caterpillar’s bottom turret and engines were disabled. It will take 30 minutes until they are usable again.

    • (Don’t take off, don’t use the bottom turret, until the timer is complete).

  • After 30 minutes, the Pirates will takeoff and begin moving towards their home base. If the pirates make it inside the

  • The Pirate Leader must be aboard the Caterpillar if it takes off.