Use the following descriptions to get a general idea of what’s expected of you at each of Vanguard’s ranks. Each Wing has its own rank expectations that fit their role and culture, but the behaviors listed here hold true throughout.


Making up the majority of the organization, Talons travel a path towards mastery.

\ / Talon Recruit

A Talon Recruit should focus on learning the basics, both of Star Citizen and Vanguard. Eventually, this will be formalized through our Talon Training to bring new members up to speed before your Wing is chosen. Once you wrap up basic training, your rank insignia will change to \ · / as you “earn your eye” and choose your Wing, becoming a fully certified member of Vanguard.

-\ ∶ /- Talon Hoplite

As a Talon Hoplite, you have a strong understanding of the concepts covered in basic training, and are actively learning the skills needed for your primary role. In the future, Wings will run a Claw Camp to help members familiarize themselves with their Wing, and learn how to perform their role.

-\ ∵ /- Talon Adept

A Talon Adept has mastered the skills required to perform their primary role competently. They are familiar with our Standard Operation Procedures, and are able to help others learn how to operate within their Wing. A Talon Adept is a veteran with the knowledge and experience to fully support their Group, Wing, and Vanguard as a whole.

Career Advancement

At Vanguard, taking on a higher rank is a commitment of service. Our Talons are our backbone, and represent the majority of our membership, and no one should ever feel the pressure to take on a leadership role. If you only have the time or interest to be a Talon, we’re happy to have you and will do our best to make the Organization that stands behind you a strong one. That said, there is plenty of room for growth if you’re motivated by other things.

If you seek to perform your role to the best of your ability, our Raptor path is one of two branches that follows Talon Adept. We’ll be working to figure out a clear and consistent yardstick for you to measure your ability against.

Interested in leadership? Those who show an ability to lead and raise up others might want to set their sights on a position in our Master path. Claw and Lance Masters are embedded command in game, and mentors out of game.

Chiefs are our SNCO positions, and the advocates for our non-commissioned members. They are the folks who rally our teams, who lead from the front, and who keep our Command updated and honest.

Finally, if you’re the kind of person who likes to focus on leadership and organization, and enjoys doing work for fun, we are always on the lookout for people suited to work as Captains and Commanders. In this role, you will be working to help our members achieve our largest organizational goals, by making sure they have the direction and the resources to get the job done.


=\ ⊙ /= Bronze Raptor | =\ ⦾ /= Silver Raptor | =\ ⦿ /= Gold Raptor

Raptors are our specialists, capable of performing their chosen role effectively and consistently. Raptors may be called upon when failure is not an option and time is critical.



=\ · /= Claw Master

Claw Masters are our most junior NCOs, but they are also the closest to our Talons. These individuals are tasked with keeping our Talons engaged, informed, and involved. They focus on helping our Talon members improve their skills and teamwork, and working alongside other Claws to accomplish larger goals.

=\ ∶ /= Lance Master | =\ ∵ /= Senior Master

Lance Masters are responsible not only for their own Talons, but also for the Claw Masters in their command. In game, Lance Masters coordinate multiple Claws to achieve goals, and out of the game they work to make sure their Claw Masters have the resources they need to grow as leaders and players. Senior Masters are Veterans, who have proven themselves as embedded leaders, and may be called upon to coordinate special operations.


Chiefs are the advocates for the Talons and Masters under their command, and the trusted advisers of the Captains and Commanders. As SNCOs, Chiefs are exemplars of their Wing values, and highly engaged members of the Vanguard community.

≡\ · /≡ Squad Chief

Squad Chiefs are the Executive Officers for their respective squadrons, making sure things run on a day to day basis, and getting people mobilized when the organization has a larger goal. They work closely with a Star Captain to command a Squadron.

≡\ ∶ /≡ Group Chief

Group Chiefs work alongside a Vice Captain and Group Captain to keep their Group running smoothly, as well as coordinating the Squad Chiefs in their line of Command.

≡\ ∵ /≡ Wing Chief

The Wing Chief is the highest level SNCO and the stalwart representative of all non-commissioned members in their Wing. A Wing Commander tells their Captains and Wing Chief what needs to be done, and the Wing Chief makes sure the Wing has what it needs to do it, coordinating the Group Chiefs and making sure any resources needed are available.

Commissioned officers


Captains make up the bulk of the commissioned officers in the Vanguard, and are focused on the operation of their groups in order to meet the goals set by those in command above them. Captains should be intimately familiar with the Officer Code of Conduct, as they are the face of Vanguard Command for many of our members. Captains must be able to work at a cross-organizational level,

⟪✦⟫ Star Captain

Star Captains lead one of the three Squadrons that make up a group, and are responsible for the growth and performance of those under their command. They should work closely with their Squad Chief, as well as remain acquainted with the members of their Squadrons to make appropriate recommendations for training, promotions, and career changes as needed.

⟪✦✦⟫ Vice Captain

As the executive officer of their group, Vice Captains handle much of the day-to-day matters required to run it. Working alongside the Group Captain and Group Chief, the Vice Captain is responsible for ensuring the consistent operation of logistics, deployments, resupply, and maintenance as required for the Group’s current goals, working through their Group Captain to interface with the Squad Chiefs in their command.

⟪✦✦✦⟫ Group Captain

As the leader of a Group, a Captain must be a master of delegation, relying on their Vice Captain and Group Chief to keep the Group running, and on their Star Captains to implement the orders handed out to them. Captains are focused on overall group strategy, taking larger Wing and Organizational goals and creating Group Specific orders to match.


⟪★⟫ Star Commander | ⟪★★⟫ Vice Commander | ⟪★★★⟫ Wing Commander

The Wing Commander, alongside his Vice Commander and Star Commander, are the ultimate authority over the operation of a Vanguard Wing. They are the arbiters of a Wing’s culture and mission, and handle overall strategic vision for their Wing. Commanders are given wide latitude on the operation of their Wing inasmuch as it does not conflict with the Vanguard Prime Directive and actively progresses the organization’s goals.


⟪✶⟫ Star Marshal | ⟪✶✶⟫ Vice Marshal | ⟪✶✶✶⟫ Prime Marshal

The Marshals oversee the operation of the entirety of Vanguard, and are given complete latitude to determine its goals and operations, subject only to intercession from the Wardens if their direction falls into conflict with the Core Values of the organization.


The Wardens are our Founders, and hold responsibility for the Identity and Mission of Vanguard as a whole. Warden is not an attainable rank, and the Wardens are generally not focused on operation or strategy, but rather are the arbiters of Vanguard's Identity. To this effect, the Wardens may intercede to course correct the organization when it falls away from these ideals.

Star Warden ⟪✵⟫ MasonStonewall

The Star Warden, MasonStonewall, is our keeper of lore, master of ceremony, and the originator of our Ranking and Organizational structure, in alignment with the Rule of Three.

Vice Warden ⟪✵✵⟫ Randrik

Randrik is the right hand of the Warden, his closest confidante and most trusted adviser. The conversations between he and DracoHardt led directly to the creation of our organization.

Prime Warden ⟪✵✵✵⟫ DracoHardt

DracoHardt is our highest authority. As our Founder, he keeps watch over Vanguard, keeping it faithful to its culture, its ideals, and its purpose.