Enlisted Ranks


TALON - The first group of rankings in Vanguard is the Talon grouping. Here, your goals are to learn and grow as a member. An initial member will be an eye-less Talon Recruit, indicated by the rank \ /. Upon completing basic training, they will earn their eye, join their Wing, and be a certified member of the Vanguard. A Talon Hoplite has gone through their Wing specific training, and is continuing to learn and master their role. Finally, the Talon Adepts have mastered their place as a generalist within their Wing. Many Vanguard members may spend the remainder of their career here, and can be proud of that fact.

Beyond TALON, a Vanguard member’s path splits in two possible directions

RAPTOR - A Raptor has chosen to specialize, and to become the master of a given skill. Whether they are training to be a Master Helmsman, an Elite Sniper, or an Engineering Genius, they have dedicated themselves to become the best of the best.

MASTER - A Master has chosen to pass their training on to others, and to take on the responsibility of other members as a leader. Claw Masters are responsible for the coordination and growth of three Talons, while a Lance Master leads their own Claw as well as oversees two additional Claws, holding responsibility for twelve souls including their own. A Master who has served with distinction may be granted the rank of Senior Master, and will often be seen as an embedded leader in Command Lances, leading units of Elite members.

The bridge between our Officers and our Enlisted

CHIEF - A Chief is a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, and the highest ranking a Vanguard member can elevate to in the Enlisted rankings. They serve as the right hand of their corresponding Officer to lead large groups of members, Squad Chief with Squadron, Group Chief with Group, and Wing Chief with an entire Wing.

commissioned Ranks


CAPTAIN - The Captains are the officers most concerned with the daily operation of a given group. A Star Captain manages the focus of one of a Group’s three Squadron, working alongside a Squad Chief. The Vice Captain serves as a Group’s Executive Officer, and along with a Group Chief, helps the Group Captain manage its activities.

COMMANDER - Captains report directly to a Commander, who oversees operations for all three Groups in a given Wing. Commanders operate at one level of remove, focusing on overall strategy, advocating for their Wing’s interests, and collaborating with each other and the Marshals to determine how to reach Vanguard’s long term goals.

MARSHAL - Marshal is the highest level attainable rank. The Three Marshals form the core of the Vanguard Leadership Council, and are the overseers of the entire organization at a strategic level.

WARDEN - The Wardens are our Founders, and hold responsibility for the Identity and Mission of Vanguard as a whole. If the Marshals are our Legislative Body, the Wardens are our Executive, holding the power to step in and course correct when they see us moving away from our ideals. MasonStonewall is our Star Warden, and keeper of our Lore. Randrik is our Vice Warden, and the co-founder of Vanguard. And DracoHardt is our Warden, and the strongest voice of reason in the organization.

Organizational Structure

Vanguard is currently divided into 6 Wings.

Each Wing is composed of an HQ Squadron and 3 Groups, and led by a Wing Commander assisted by a Vice Commander, a Star Commander, and a Wing Chief.

Each Group is composed of an HQ Lance and 3 Squadrons, and led by a Group Captain assisted by a Vice Captain and a Group Chief.

Each Squadron is composed of 3 Lances, and led by a Star Captain assisted by a Squad Chief.

Each Lance is composed of 3 Claws, one of which is led by a Lance Master responsible for their Claw and the rest of the Lance.

Each Claw is composed of 3 Talons led by one Claw Master.

4 Members to a Claw

12 Members to a Lance

38 Members to a Squadron

129 Members to a Group

429 Members to a Wing

Visual Breakdown of a Wing