Welcome to Vanguard!

We are a team of members that are passionate about Star Citizen. We accept all players that share our goals and interests, both casual and hard core. Vanguard believes in the rule that real life comes first, and will never tell you to put the organization over your real life, job, and certainly not over your family.

We are a non-exclusive organization. While we’d love it if you want Vanguard to be your primary home, affiliates are welcome.

Members are allowed to do as they please – with the exception of piracy against law abiding players. Leadership reserves the right to blacklist organizations, or prohibit affiliate or primary membership in an organization if that membership poses a security risk to Vanguard.

Want to learn more about us? Here are some useful links to get a feel for what we do.


If you’re interested in joining, all you need to do is visit our RSI page and click the “Join us now!” button.

Notify the #onboarding channel in the Discord group, and put your RSI Handle in #rsi-handles. A recruitment officer will review your application as soon as possible!


  • Must have and use Discord; headset strongly recommended

  • May not be a member of a pirate or griefing organization

  • Must be at least 18

  • Must not cause drama

Once your application is approved, you’ll be granted the rank of Talon Recruit \ /.

Congratulations and welcome! You’re officially a Vanguard Recruit!


Your Time as a Talon Recruit \ /

As a fresh Talon Recruit, there’s two things we ask you learn.

Star Citizen Basic Gameplay

If you’re new to the game, it’s time to get your space-legs. When you sit down to play, hop into any of our Public Fleet or Squad chats, or message folks in our general chat, and ask if someone can show the ropes! Vanguard cares strongly about training, and someone will be more than happy to help you learn.

We’ll get you up to speed on the fundamentals you need to get into the game and start doing things. We’ll help you learn how to operate your ship, get around the ‘verse, run missions, and put your hard earned aUEC to work!

Already have a handle on things? Fantastic! Struggling with something? Reach out to us and we’ll make sure you get some help.

Vanguard 101

Take the time to go through our rules & guidelines and Wing structure to get a sense of what we’re all about! If you have any questions, reach out to any of our Officers and we’ll be happy to help!

Certification & Choosing A Wing

During your first week with us, you’ll be unaffiliated with a Wing. We encourage you to interact with members of different Wings, chat on the discord, and hop into the game with other members. If you can, join in on one of our Events for a fun time!

At any point after your first week, when you’re ready to join a Wing and have your grips on the basics of the game and the org, reach out to one of its officers and tell them you’d like to pledge. After a quick check to make sure there’s nothing you’re still struggling with, they’ll assign you to your Wing, and you’ll receive your “eye”, getting a shiny new insignia of \ · / to show you’re a certified member.

We ask that you try and choose a Wing within the first month of active play with us. If you need to take a break from the game for any reason before that happens, don’t worry, we’ll be here for you when you’re back.

How to Choose a Wing

Choosing a Wing doesn’t limit you. A Security member can still do trade runs, an Initiative member can still break rocks in a Prospector, and a Premiere member who loves Diplomacy can still toss that aside and spend an evening blowing up fighters.

Most of our members have a broad appreciation of the game, in its current and planned form, and we plan to experience as much of it as possible.

A Wing isn’t a statement of “this is the only thing I know how to do”, or “this is the only job I can do with the ships I have.” We are happy to teach you anything, and the organization has access to every ship in the game. Choosing a Wing, then, is a statement of what you’re passionate about, what you’re excited for, or what you want to excel at.

Of course, if you only want to do one thing, that’s fine too!

Earning Your Feathers & Choosing Your Group

For the next month of playing with us, you should get to know the folks in your Wing, its values, and the roles it performs. Run missions with your Wing-mates, chat with your Officers, and ask any questions.

Your wing mates are here to help you learn the basics of working with your Wing. If you need help getting up to speed on some more specific mechanics, they provide a guided way to give you the skills you need to be effective. Training Operations are run regularly, and will give you plenty of opportunities to learn new skills or use the ones you already have.

Want to focus on a specific skill? Let an Officer know! They’ll be more than happy to make sure it gets covered in an upcoming event, or else make sure you have the resources available to learn.

Once you’ve been with us a month and have demonstrated your knowledge of the Wing and developed the skills needed to perform effectively, you’ll be eligible for a promotion to Talon Hoplite -\ ∶ /-. Your Wing Officer will reach out to you when they think they’re ready, and ask you to choose a Group.

Remember, Groups, like Wings, are a way for you to communicate your interests and area of expertise, so don’t feel like you’re cutting off options.

Feel like you made the wrong decision when you chose your Wing? Reach out to your Officer and we’ll work with you to get you reassigned to the best Wing for you.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve been promoted to Talon Hoplite -\ ∶ /-, nothing else is required of you to participate in organization Operations. You are a fully fledged member of Vanguard, in perpetuity!

For folks who want to continue honing their skills, we have operations that provide more focused skill training targets specific to your Group. Feel free to pursue any of your individual skill goals, or participate in training operations, to learn how to be more effective in a variety of roles. You’re also always welcome and encouraged to get certifications from other Wings and Groups to build your ability in other areas of interest.


Ranks and Certifications

Our Certifications are a way to learn the skills you need to excel at Star Citizen, and at high level Organization play, and our Ranking system helps us organize large number of players to be carry out complex plans.

Want to fly a Vanguard Kraken during a massive battle? Yearning to operate a Pioneer to build an org-funded installation? Work with your Commanding Officer to train your skills!

Our Certifications only come into play for Vanguard Operations. Vanguard will never place any restrictions on members using their own ships to play the game their way.

Our organization is structured like a large company, and there are lots of roles to fill. Interested in leadership? Volunteer to command a small team when the opportunity arises in a training operation. Want to be recognized as the best Explorer in the org? Spend some time tackling some of our Advanced and Expert certifications. Just want to log on every once in a while, take in the sights, and know you’ve got a bunch of players who have your back? That’s totally fine as well.

Everyone at Vanguard is welcome to enjoy the game however they want, both inside and out of it. Be as involved as you want to be, engage as much as want to engage, and train as hard as you want to train, you belong and we are happy to have you.

Any questions? As always, reach out to your Officers.

We’re here to help!