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Spending & Star Citizen


The goal of this FAQ is to answer some frequently asked questions and provide guidance on how one spends their time, aUEC, and real world money (cash) in and around Star Citizen. There are a number of confounding factors that come into play when making an informed decision about how you spend in SC, the goal of this document is not to dictate, but to inform one’s own decisions.

Clearly, some of the answers here will be offset by an individual’s motivating factors, so answers may vary from what is written.  

Understanding Persistence:

One of the primary factors that will inform a spending decision is understanding persistence in the game today.  Any patch may constitute a complete character reset.

So what stays and what goes in a reset?


  • Anything purchased on RSI.com with cash

  • Anything you are currently being rewarded as part of your subscription membership

  • Any rental items you have rented with REC

  • Any UEC you have purchased at rsi.com or that comes with your starter package.  To see this amount, login to RSI.com and click “Account” it will show you your current UEC

    • Note, in some cases people do not start with the same amount of UEC listed under account, you should raise a ticket with CIG to see if they can fix this.

    • The reset can actually work in your favor, if your aUEC balance in the game is lower than your UEC balance on your account, the reset will put you back at your UEC account balance


  • Any aUEC you have earned through missions, trading or any other in-game activity.

  • Any ships you have purchased with aUEC

  • Any ship weapons you have purchased with aUEC

  • Any armor, FPS weapons, clothing you have purchased with aUEC

This means, if you grind for a prospector and buy it with aUEC, the next day a patch resets progression, your prospector is gone.  Plan accordingly with your time as this can crush ones soul just a bit right now.

Try before you buy:
The simplest one is, borrow from an org-mate.  Vanguard has more ships than we know what to do with.  Just ask and someone will get you setup. Your other option is to rent a ship with REC (awarded by being a subscriber).  You can fly rented ships in Arena Commander. This is always better than buying something blindly based on marketing fluff from CIG.  Crap like “it punches above it’s weight class” or “fastest ship in the verse” is extremely misleading when taken out of context. Borrow it from an org-mate, fly it, ask opinions about it, learn it yourself, then decide if you should buy.

Buying Components with aUEC:

There is a currently a known bug where purchased components are disappearing after you apply them to a ship.  Also, if you buy components and your ship is destroyed or lost in a crash, that’s it, components are GONE. Your ship insurance will only give you back the base manufacturer stocked hull.  You get nothing back.

A way around this is, strip components from your other ships to use on the one you want, then reclaim the other ship.  If your Freelancer DUR has 2 Dominance shotguns on it and you want them on your hawk, swap them to the hawk, then reclaim the freelancer,  then swap them again. Now you have 4x Dominance and if your ship dies, you lost nothing. You can always reclaim the dur again as many times as you need, infinite guns. (For this purpose the freelancer is a great ship because its loadout is all hurston dynamics weaponry.

Ships or Gaming Rig?

This is a balance, if your FPS is suffering and your rig is 3+ years old.  I’d spend my money on upgrades, buy ships later. Remember, at launch Vanguard will have literally thousands of ships (we already do), and nowhere near as many pilots.  Every ship you can imagine will probably be free-to-fly or even just outright gifted to those who need them. Get your gaming-rig set first, then spend the excess finances on ships, just exercise restraint.  A better rig with better FPS is going to improve your performance far more than a new ship.

Should I subscribe?

The short answer is, YES.  Subscriber benefits are pretty nuts.  In the last few months we’ve gotten access to hammerheads, the entire freelancer line up and Vanduul Scythe.  A base package and a 1 month subscription would give you 4-5 extra ships right now (at the time of writing, Jan 2019).  Some of them are the best in the game.

Should I focus on my flying or wait til 3.5?

The answer to this goes both ways.  In one regard, mechanics will likely change so much we will all be starting pretty “Fresh” come 3.5.  On the other hand, it is highly likely that 3.5 is going to make flight even more complicated than it is now, which means the gap between new and experienced pilots is going to be even larger over time.  When ZZGooch came back to the game for the first time in 1.5 years at the release of 3.3, he couldn’t kill a single Vanduul in Swarm. 2.5 months later, it’s an easy solo with a Hawk (or pretty much anything else).  Getting your brain wrapped around flight mechanics, training your reflexes, thinking in 3d dimensions, and understanding maneuvering in Star Citizen will never “hurt” you in the end, regardless of the new mechanics. So, short answer is, don’t wait.  Get trained up and now.