Vanguard’s Marine Force is the Organizations force in readiness. We stand ready to answer the call whenever, however, and wherever we are needed. Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful: This is the motto of the VMF, To always put the safety and well being of the organization ahead of one’s own self.  



Vanguard First and Foremost

We are charged with the security and protection of the entire organization. Any hostile action against a fellow org mate should be felt as an affront. We must prevent it at all costs, and dole out quick retribution when we cannot.

Rifle Group Employment

The mission of the Marine infantry group is to defeat the enemy by fire, maneuver, and close combat and to conduct other operations as directed across the range of Vanguard operations.

Weapons Group Employment

The weapons group provides basic, organic fire support and other capabilities for the infantry groups. The equipment and structure of the group allows infantry units additional heavy weapons and firepower, mobility, and augmented communications

Preserve Order, Protect Property, and Enforce Regulations

When the VMF is called upon to keep the peace of a location, we must focus on keeping things peaceful. This means being polite to everyone we meet, but also having a plan to kill them.


Division StructurE



Every Marine is a rifleman. Being well versed with every weapon system is crucial to mission success.

Line Squadron

3 Rifle Lances (3 Rifle Claws Each)

1 Lance of Heavy Marines

1 Sniper Claw

Rifle Claw

Claw Master / Grenadier - Karna

Talon Adept / Automatic Rifleman - Demeco

Talon Hoplite / Assistant Gunner - P4

Talon Recruit / Rifleman - P4

Heavy Claw

Reaper - Rail gun

Saboteur - Explosives

Sniper Claw

Shooter - Scalpel / Arrowhead / P8

Spotter - Scalpel / P8

nova (2).jpg


Every Marine in an assault squadron has the capability and know how to operate any and all ground vehicles.


Mobile Assault Squadron

3 Cyclones

2 Rovers

Cyclone Crew

  • Driver

  • Vehicle Commander

  • Gunner (if applicable)

Rover Crew

  • Driver

  • Vehicle Commander / Gunner

  • Dismounts (Claw)


Tank Squadron

4 Nova Tanks

Nova Crew

  • Driver

  • Vehicle Commander

  • Gunner

  • Engineer




Marine Special Operations Command

MARSOC members have the knowledge and know how to accomplish the mission at hand when sensitivity and animosity are a must. Dubbed the Marauders by Vanguard Command, MARSOC is the fire and fury arm of the marines.  When maximum destruction is required, the Marauders are sent into battle with one objective:





Undersuit Force Flex Autumn

Armor Dust Up, Tactical


Primary P4-AR Ballistic Rifle

Secondary [Empty]

Sidearm Coda Ballistic Pistol

Substitutions allowed based on personal preference or mission requirements


Full Grenades

Full Medpens

Full Oxypens

Pyro RYT Multi-tool




Training and Education

VMF members should work to improve their skills through both independent and group training. They should also keep themselves apprised of Star Citizen development and mechanics relevant to their roles, and the current game meta.

Organization Membership Restrictions

You may not be a member of any external mercenary or paramilitary organizations, as the potential conflict of interest is too great.


Equipment Ready

All members of the VMF will be prepared. This means maintaining , and keeping personal weaponry and uniform at the ready. During boarding actions, or if you need to eject from a damaged vessel, you must be prepared to defend yourself until you can be returned to the fleet.

Organizational Command Structure

Marine Captain / O-3

The Marine Captain, or group commander, is responsible for everything the group does or fails to do.  The Captain is responsible for the employment, training, combat efficiency, discipline, morale, administration, welfare, maintenance, and sustainment of the group.  Understands the capabilities of the group’s personnel, weapons, supporting weapons, and their proper employment. Seeks to know and understand the capabilities of the enemy, threat level, and operational environment.  Knows, understands, and develops situational awareness across the group. Coordinates with military and nonmilitary entities across the battlespace and within the area of interest (AOI). Is prepared to execute actions across a range of military operations and requests additional support as necessary.

Marine Vice Captain / O-2

The Vice Captain, or group XO serves as the groups second in command and is responsible for maintaining situational awareness of the group’s tactical situation during combat.  Assumes command in the Captain's absence.Is prepared to assume the duties of the group FST leader when necessary or as directed. May be assigned to aid in control of phases of a battle (such as a passage of lines or counterattack) and is prepared to assume tactical duties (such as landing zone [LZ] control officer or detachment/element leader).  Plans and supervises the groups combat service support (CSS) planning, requirements, and execution to include coordination with higher or other support agencies. Supervises group preparations to execute training or combat missions in support of the group commander’s plans and goals. Serves as the group training officer and supervises all aspects of unit training and unit training management (UTM) in support of the group commander’s training plan and guidance. The XO is prepared to supervise either a permanent or semipermanent group combat operations center (GOC) to include the management, collation, and processing of information; receipt and forwarding of tactical reports; and maintenance of communications with higher and adjacent units.

Marine Star Captain / O-1

The Marine Star Captain, or squadron leader, is responsible for accomplishing the squadrons mission. He is responsible for positioning and employing all assigned and attached crew-served weapons. He must also know how to employ supporting weapons. ... He plans missions with the help of the his senior master, lance leaders, and other key personnel.

Marine Group Chief / E-8

The Marine Group Chief serves as the senior enlisted Marine in the group and as the principal enlisted administrative and tactical advisor to the group commander.  Serves as principal assistant to the group commander in supervising the administration of the group. Supervises, inspects, or observes matters designated by the commander.  Executes and supervises routine operations to include enforcing the tactical standing operating procedures (SOPs); maintaining accountability of all personnel; coordinating and reporting personnel and administrative actions; and supervising discipline, field hygiene, and medical evacuation operations.

Marine Squad Chief / E-7

The Marine Squad Chief serves as a technical and tactical advisor to the group commander, squadron leaders, and senior masters.  Coordinates training, operations, and logistical support requirements for the group. Assists the commander in the discipline, appearance, training, control, conduct, and welfare of the group.  Assists the commander in conducting operational risk management (ORM). Directs the supply and resupply of the company. Supervises and assists in company training support to include maintaining training records, developing training plans and schedules, publishing letters of instruction, and supervising range and training area requests.  Assists the commander in ensuring the establishment of a perimeter defense, security/ observation posts (OPs), or a FP posture. Coordinates and supervises the embarkation and debarkation for the deployment of the company. Supervises the setup, function, and displacement of the GOC as well as other functional areas as directed. Supervises the actions within the GOC.

Marine Senior Master / E-6

The Marine Senior Master is the second in command of the squadron. He assists and advises the squadron leader, handles requests from lance leaders for ammunition, food and water and he is responsible for overseeing administrative tasks, training, logistics and maintenance.

Marine Lance Master / E-5

The Marine Lance Master is the leader of a Lance.  The lance master carries out the orders issued to him by the squadron commander. He is responsible for the discipline, appearance, training, control, conduct, and welfare of his lance at all times, as well as the condition, care, and economical use of its weapons and equipment. In combat, he is also responsible for the tactical employment, fire discipline, fire control, and maneuver of his lance. He takes position where he can best carry out the orders of the squadron commander and observe and control the lance.

Marine Claw Master / E-4

The Marine Claw Master is the leader of a Claw. The claw master carries out the orders of the lance master. He is responsible for the fire discipline and control of his claw and for the condition, care, and economical use of its weapons and equipment. In carrying out the orders of the lance master, he takes a position to best observe and control the claw. Normally, he is close enough to the automatic rifleman to exercise effective control of his fires. In addition to his primary duties as a leader, but not to the detriment of them, he serves as a grenadier and is responsible for the effective employment of the grenade launcher, his rifle, and for the condition and care of his weapons and equipment. The senior claw master in the lance serves as assistant lance master.

Marine Talon Adept / E-3

The Marine Talon Adept is an automatic rifleman. The talon adept carries out the orders of the claw master. He is responsible for the effective employment of the automatic rifle and for the condition and care of his weapon and equipment.

Marine Talon Hoplite / E-2

The Marine Talon Hoplite is the assistant automatic rifleman. The talon hoplite assists in the employment of the automatic rifle. He carries additional magazines and/or ammunition boxes for the automatic rifle and is prepared to assume the duties of the talon adept. He is responsible for the effective employment of his rifle and for the condition and care of his weapon and equipment.

Marine Talon Recruit / E-1

The Marine Talon Recruit is a rifleman. The talon recruit in the claw carries out the orders of the claw master. He is responsible for the effective employment of his rifle and for the condition and care of his weapon and equipment. The rifleman is trained as a scout.