Beware Pirates & Ship Jackers

  • People will try to get onto your ship when you are at a landing zone. Check the exterior of your ships before opening doors.

  • Always close your doors when you get out. You don't want people sneaking on while you are inside. It sucks to get outside armistice and have your brains blown out by a stowaway. (This happened to me with a fully loaded caterpillar with about 250k in commodities on board. Don't be dumb like me.

  • If someone DID get on your ship, don't try to kill them by flying outside armistic, protect your investment. Fly up til you are off the pad, then re-land and wait in the pilot seat until your ship is despawned by landing service.

  • If you are somewhere on a moon/planet and someone gets on-board.  Just sit in the pilot seat and ping for help on discord and someone will usually come help.  A ship-jacker MUST get into your pilot seat to get you out of armistice, so never leave the pilot seat/armistice zone if you know they are onboard.

Surviving the inevitable pirate encounter:

  • Take a Cutlass, your survivability goes way up in a pirate encounter, you can, and sometimes will die but you at least have some options.

  • If jumped in-atmo, don't try to fly straight up, engage boost/afterburners and go at about a 30 degree angle slowly shift up and to one side or another. This will let your engines work to your advantage and while you are definitely slower than most fighters, your shields might hold up til you can reach atmosphere. Hopefully the pirate pilot will struggle with in-atmo afterburner speeds and fail to keep damage on you before you can reach space and QT to safety.

  • When running, throw your power to shields/engines, I am not sure if it does any good whatsoever, but it sure FEELS good to be micromanaging your power output to maximize your chances of escape

  • If you get jumped while on approach to Armistice Zone, don't get tempted into a dog-fight, you will lose against a decent fighter. Just Afterburner into the AZ, speed is your best friend.

  • Don't get greedy, If you are going out in something bigger than a Cutlass, bring a friend to provide you some cover

  • Don't fly a big ship into a gravity well, you're pretty helpless, if you do, know your ships weaknesses

  • Spend some time in AC and get comfortable with your ship. Even flying against the horrid AI pilots in AC will give you a feel for how your ship performs

  • If you are coming into Jumptown, BURN at a high altitude and make a pass-over to ensure no one is nearby. The higher up you are, the harder you can burn. Any pirates lying in wait in ships will be radar detectable within 4-5km and will have a hard time catching you if you do a flyover at 800m/s.