Mining Guide

Do you have the skills, the mental and physical fortitude to survive as a miner? The laser is hot the hours are long, and the risks can be high, but that one good load could buy you that 890J you’ve always dreamed of. The elite Industries Wing are a team dedicated to the organization’s financial support. We are the giant’s industries, exploring the secrets of celestial and terrestrial bodies alike. We brave the unknown to find the next mother lode. If this sound like you then you may want to consider joining the ranks Vanguard Industries wing. There is a group of mining elite in the Vanguard, Industry wing. As an Industry miner you will be part of the backbone of the organization. You will be providing raw materials for all aspects of org. needs, and if you can prove yourself an elite miner you may find yourself on the edge of explored space prospecting among uncharted asteroid belts, planets and moons, but not worry a fleet of Vanguard’s finest are always on call and will always be there to support you.


What ships can be used for mining in Star Citizen?

Currently only the Misc Prospector can be use for mining in the Verse. Ships like the Reliant Kore, Terrapin and Cyclone RN can be used to help with scanning. CIG has plans to release more mining ships in the future




How to locate ore/minerals?

Mine-able resources can be found by using a scanner in asteroid fields or on planets/moons. Push your tab key and then keep the left mouse button pressed to fully charge the scan and release the button to trigger the ping. Scanning on a surface will show you potential mining resources by displaying large cuboid grid


Scanning in an asteroid field will only show you the mine-able asteroids within the scan radius.


Align ship and target cursor to the rock to perform a depth scan.

*When sending out a ping wave you also increase your ship’s passive radar detection range, allowing others to find you easily.


Depth Scanning

Resource deposit can be examined by scanning. The depth scan often doesn’t start until the rock blinks, you’re very close or have switched to mining mode (Button “M”). Mineable rocks will have an orange outline during a depth scan.The following data will be obtained:


On the top right of the mining interface of the Prospector you will find the mass of the rock. The higher the mass, the more energy you need to crack the rock.


The composition is presented to us below the mass display of the rock. The material quantity is given as a percentage Most of the rock will be consist of useless material called inert material while the valuable parts of the rock will consist of valuable ores.


The instability of the rock is displayed to the left below the energy transfer graph. The higher the instability, the faster the rock tends to overload and explode uncontrollably.


The resistance of a rock (the value is displayed in the user interface below the instability value) indicates how hard it is for our mining laser to crack it. The higher the number, the more resistant the stone is and the higher the laser will be need to be powered up.

Zoom in with your mouse wheel to see your depth scan information more easily. Zooming before entering mining mode will keep you zoomed in until you exit mining mode.

Zoom in with your mouse wheel to see your depth scan information more easily. Zooming before entering mining mode will keep you zoomed in until you exit mining mode.


Mining Mode


Fracture Mode

Activate mining mode by pressing “M” on your keyboard and your ship will automatically prepare for fracture mode. Activate the mining laser with the left mouse button. The goal is to completely fill the fracturing sensor on the right side. To do this, we need to keep the energy level of the stone (Rock Energy Level, the indicator to the left below the laser strength indicator, Laser Throttle) in the green area. This area can be quite small and it takes some practice to keep the laser energy there long enough until the fracturing sensor is completely filled. You can change the strength of the mining laser by turning the mouse wheel.


Extraction Mode

When you fracture the rock in front of you successfully it will break into several fragments. Some will be colored orange and you will have to break them again and others will be purple which means that you can start the extraction of minerals. While doing so,  pay attention to the mass-content ratio of the individual boulders and leave small resource percentages behind. Press your “Right Mouse Button” to switch to the extraction mode and start using your tractor beam. Simply target the purple fragments, fire the tractor beam and extract the minerals inside it. Your cargo hold will start filling so all you have to do is rinse and repeat until it is full.


After you have filled your cargo hold you can head back to one of the trading kiosks located in Port Olisar, Grim Hex, Levski, or Lorville.

Check out the link below to view maps to the locations above.