Vanguard Initiative Drive Overview


VIGOR- Everyday report. used by any member of the Org to report a discovery, whether it be related to a large enemy movement, finding a jump point, stumbling on a derelict station, etc. Data Group's Data Analytics Team scrutinizes the report, and determines a recommended course of action.

Note; It isn't necessary to completely fill the form out to submit it. So long as one can clearly and concisely give everything they either witnessed or remembered to the best of their abilities, Some data is better than no data at all.

VISOR: the most current and concise information available to the Org, Constantly updated to provide easily digestible and up to date information about discovered POI's. Kept under lock and key for processing, VISORs are Initiative Internal, and the product of- a VIGOR or VISREQ Report

V-REQ: Mission statement submitted by Group Captain and above to Initiative Wing, and given priority to be carried out with urgency. These reports outline what needs to be identified, how many units and assets are needed, when the op needs to be completed by, actions on contact, and a point of contact for debrief upon completion.