Special thanks to B1KBRD for the idea.

Location is set at HDMS-Stanhope, this is required due the terrain and excellent lines of site to the target

  1. 2 Teams are required here

    1. Attacking Team + Defending Team

    2. The goal is simple, the attacking team will set up on PO and request a ship and get the crew set up and organized

    3. The Defending team will set up on PO and request a ship and get the crew set up and organized

    4. This can be streamlined depending on where everyone is and who is available for transport

  2. The defending team will arrive at HDMS-Stanhope, they will then set up at the peak of the mountain close to the Outpost.

    1. Ground vehicles can be utilized and used for defense

    2. The mountain top provides full view of the Outpost for great recon events to take place

    3. Snipers are recommended here and encouraged

    4. A large ship will act as the base point for the defending team and will be located and protected at the peak of the mountain

    5. Whilst here the group leader will be able to arrange defense and team priorities as needed.

  1. The Attacking team will be following but will allow the defending team 10/15 min head start depending on the situation and game stability.

    1. Once the attacking team have jumped to Hurston they will proceed to land at HDMS-Stanhope

    2. The attackers will then proceed to request ground vehicles and would ideally pull out enough to carry the entire group, Ursa highly recommended as an option.

    3. There are many routes up the mountain here so the group leader will have to call the route and direct the team up the mountain, looking for flanking opportunities where applicable

    4. Once they start there accent the defending team will have the advantage here and use high ground to spot attacking forces, a good lead and direction will be needed.

  1. The goals here are as follows

    1. The attacking team must reach the top of the mountain and kill all defending forces here for victory

    2. The defending team must repel the invasion and stop the attackers from killing everyone

    3. Variant - In the case of using a VIP the attackers goal will ship to search and rescue and the defenders will be role playing as pirates that have kidnapped a high ranking official, therefore the attacking force will be required to evacuate the hostage and eliminate all pirates defending this position

  1. Why? / Rewards

    1. This exercise will test security wing ability to form as a team and work towards a goal whilst under heavy fire

    2. Includes team play for everyone to get involved and work together

    3. The winning team will receive a aUEC reward to be split evenly among the teams

  1. Spectators

    1. A Spectator ship will be a friendly ship that will shuttle around people who just want to watch the event and see if they like the idea

    2. This ship will also be a no fire zone where

    3. Ideally an announcer will be present to call out situations and give a narrative for the event.