Regardless of how, on foot or in the air, Vanguard's Patrol Group keeps the entire Organization’s daily operations running safely and smoothly, operating as needed or as asked, and following the motto First There and Finest. We’re Security’s eyes and ears, ever vigilant, eliminating threats large and small, and alerting the organization if ever a larger force needs to mobilize.

As a member of Patrol, you protect first, eliminate second, and report anything that can’t be eliminated.



Humility, Respect, and Cooperation

If you don’t exercise these three tenants, the consequences will not be pleasant. Every member of Vanguard will be respected, no matter what. Anyone who is able to get along with people should be able to easily follow these three essentials.

Present and Alert

There are many individuals in our organization who want to avoid combat and pursue other goals. Patrol should provide company in the form of a dealer of death to anyone who violates their peace. If a member without escort comes under attack, it is our responsibility to get to them before they can come to harm, at any cost.


Vanguard First and Foremost

We in Patrol serve many functions, ALL vital. We are the first to raise alarm if there's something we can't handle, and the first defense against any type of aggressive action. Any hostile action against a fellow org mate is absolutely an affront, and it will be dealt with in the most expedient way, typically extermination with a great deal of prejudice. This means responding in a timely manner when not directly with an asset, in space or on the ground. If there is a transgressor, we eliminate them, plain and simple.




Keepers of the Peace, Dealers of Justice

The Sheriffs keep watch over the systems our organizations are active in.They are divided into departments of differing sizes, with flexible specifically named jurisdictions based on the organizations current hubs and active operational groups.



Taking out the Trash

The VICE is a division of highly trained hunter-killers. They work solo, as of the current state of the game, to identify, track down, and collect on bounties, both NPC and, more lucratively, Player bounties, to be issued by both UEE and Vanguard.



See that guy to the right? He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s already dead

The Vanguard Assault Military Police is an elite strike force dedicated to actions against pirate organizations and NPCs, disrupting rival organizations operations, and more. They are assigned from the other two subgroups of patrol, and primarily operate as an independent unit, or in coordination Fleet and Marines when specialists or extreme force are the order of the day. The exact structure and operations of VAMP are highly confidential, and are only revealed to its members upon induction.

Vanguard Bounties

If an individual causes harm to a Vanguard member, a bounty for their destruction may be created. Vanguard Bounties mark a target as KOS regardless of their UEE Criminal Status, and are paid out of the org bank.

Vanguard Bounty Targets are chosen from the Vanguard Wanted List based on level of threat, repeat offenses, and validation of reports. To prevent abuse, all Vanguard Bounties require approval by the Vanguard Leadership Council.

Have you been the victim of a crime?


Jurisdictions will be very heavily fluid. They’re expected to change often, and therefore must be adapted to. This is due to the fact that one lucrative opportunity may dry up, which would necessitate a shift from one location to a completely new one. No matter where we find ourselves, the individual Departments will have ultimate responsibility and authority over a given jurisdiction, each varying in size and scope from a single Lance up to an entire Squadron, or even Capital class ships. If the Organization is heavily active in a given system, said system just might comprise the entirety of one department’s jurisdiction, as might a complex OET moving far from our normal stomping grounds. A series of systems traveled regularly, but with lower persistent traffic, might comprise another department’s jurisdiction, whose members are primarily concerned with providing safe and secure escort between two important hubs.

Commanders from other Wings, or the Marshalls overseeing other wings, will keep the Patrol Group Captain informed on where activity is expected, and the Sheriff Major will update the jurisdiction maps and the Sheriff department assignments.

As the game approaches launch, up-to-date Jurisdiction details will be available so members know who to call on if they see any suspicious or hostile activity.