Organizational Command Structure:

The following is a list of Command positions within the Fleet and expected minimum rank held for the role.

Fleet Group Captain ⟪✦✦✦⟫

The Group Captain is in charge of fighter squadron and naval deployments and logistical coordination, and handles requisition and attachment requests from other groups, escalating them as needed to the Security Wing Leader. They are also the Commander of the standing defense unit.

Commander, Aerospace Group ⟪✦✦⟫

The CAG assists the t Group Captain as XO.They are also in charge of the development of the Aerospace group, and assist the Group Captain in managing long term Aerospace deployments.

Squadron Leaders ⟪✦⟫  

Squadron Leaders for are responsible for filling duty rosters, and working with their Ship Captains and Fighter Lance Leaders to outfit, resupply, and repair all vessels owned or operated by security.

Lance Leaders =\∶/=

Lance Leaders will lead groups of pilots and gunners. Whether one fighter pilot in a group of twelve, or the Captain of a small capital vessel, their focus will be to train their claws to work together, and to make sure any needs are communicated upwards.

Claw Leaders =\·/=

Claw Leaders are part of a four person group, and should focus on building team camaraderie and expertise, and the growth of each individual within their claw. Although they command the smallest unit in the fleet, their role is one of the most important.

Division Structure:


The Aerospace Squadron includes all small and solo combat vessels, and their crews.

Fighter Command: Fighters and intedictors

Bomber Command: Small Bombers and Torpedo Vessels

Assault Command: Heavy Fighters


The Navy group includes command, helm, and gunnery crews for large and capital combat vessels.

Gunship Division: Medium and Large Gunships

Capital Division: Combat Corvettes, Frigates, and Destroyers

Carrier Division: Carrier vessels


The Support group includes pilots and gunners for large and small support vessels.

Frontline: E-War, C&C, and Combat Repair/Refuel

Logistics: Supply Chain, Intel, and Rear Support

Transport- Large and small dropship and troop transport vessels.


Across all ships, members fall into several major roles that share responsibilities.


Small ship pilots require quick reflexes and the ability to move their ship rapidly. Pilots should practice regularly in Arena Commander or the PU to hone their ability to stay on target, avoid enemy fire, and avoid obstacles. Pilots are strongly encouraged to hone their skills at both space and atmospheric flight, and learning how to proximity fly at low altitudes or in dense debris fields is strongly encouraged. Members from other Wings may be certified as battlefield pilots.


Capital ships control very differently, and require thinking ahead of time to execute maneuvers and make sure the ship gets where it needs to be. The Helms-person needs to coordinate with their crews to make sure they can bring the maximum number of guns to bear, align weapons on focused-targets for forward attacks, and minimize shield and armor exposure to enemy fire. Each Helms-person should practice in large multi-crew ships to get used to their unique feel and handling, and build communication skills. Members from other Wings may be certified for battlefield helm control.


Whether manning the lone turret of a Warden or being part of a Javelin’s weapon banks, gunners need to master ship-wide communication to call out and destroy enemy targets. Gunners should practice with their crews, whether on large or small ships as per their preference, and become comfortable with working with them to efficiently eliminate hostiles while managing power and heat.


While crew roles are currently the least well defined by the in-game mechanics, we know that capital vessels will require large amounts of coordination to reach their full potential. Crew members will coordinate with their ship COs to keep power and shields balanced, identify and call out targets, and handle the operation of a massive vessel. As detailed in the Capital Ship Crew section below, crew will generally be staffed from other Wings.