Salvage and Recovery

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Reclaimer and Vulture

Salvage will be responsible for the recovery of components from ships found to be derelict. They will also recover scrap from these ships as well. Whether it is a from a major battle in space, defending our convoys or finding ships that have been abandoned, Salvage is responsible for pulling the components that will be able to be used by Vanguard to keep their fleet of ships running properly. This does not mean you will always be sitting in the pilot’s seat. Moving EVA through debris fields and seeking the best parts and place to work will be an active part of Salvage.



With its large size and tractor beam the Reclaimer is a dedicated salvage ship with the capability of pulling debris to itself with the claw and maneuver the debris in to the processing area.

With one or two Reclaimers a mid-sized battlefield should be able to be cleared swiftly and efficiently, sorting components in to the large protected cargo hold and scrap being processed on sight. This ship is at it’s best when working with other ships to move salvage in and out of atmosphere. Cargo-haulers would be able to empty the Reclaimer’s salvage hold and allow the ship to keep moving through a field of debris. The life of a Salvager is tough, but with a Reclaimer it will be profitable. The ship will carry an array of Surveyor-class drones for seeking out valuable items. There will be manned cutters for breaking down scrap and assisting in recovery operations. The suggested optimal crew for the reclaimer is five (5) crew members.

Quote from RSI website:

“The Aegis Reclaimer is equipped with a reinforced cargo bay, unmanned surveyor probes, a set of front flood lights and advanced density scanners. It is also Jump-capable thanks to its standard Tarsus Marauder Jump Engine.

Cargo Disclaimer: The Reclaimer is a big ship! Much of the internal volume is taken up with salvage machinery and storage for scrap metal. Nevertheless, it does have a large cargo hold which can be used for standard freight. We are currently in the process of taking proper in-engine measurements, and existing cargo numbers for older ships are likely to shift. Expect to see the cargo capacity of several ships increase as we move from ‘paper design’ to finding out what actually fits aboard the 3D models. The intent is for the Banu Merchantman, Hull C and Starfarer to have more ‘pure cargo’ space than the Reclaimer, followed by the Caterpillar and then the Freelancer MAX.”



The Vulture’s smaller size and smaller cargo space will enable it to go in to some fields the Reclaimer will not fit or be used effectively.  

The scanning capabilities of the Vulture will help you to find rare and hard to find items and scrap. This scrap could be very profitable to the Vulture crew. The suggested optimal crew for the Vulture is one (1) person. For the hard working salvager who just wants to run light, pick and go, this is the perfect ship. Due to the smaller, more nimble nature of this ship, you can scout old battlefields or debris fields to find highly valued or needed items. Additionally, you can be the key to leading a Reclaimer in to do the heavy salvage. The Vulture captain is the free spirited person who can forgo the company of others to make a mark for themselves in the Verse! The ship’s salvage laser is capable of cutting down larger pieces into something more manageable.

Quote from RSI website:

“Answer to no one, cut out the middleman, and throw caution to the wind. Rip wrecks like a pro and carve out your own place in the great big empty behind the stick of this rough, rugged salvage machine from Drake Interplanetary.

DISCLAIMER: These are our current vehicle specifications. Some of this may change during the 3D design and game balancing process”


Argo SRV

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Argo SRV

The Argo SRV is the tow truck of our fleet. All ships will break down eventually, and that is what Industries is here for. We will recover your ship and crew to bring them safely to port. We want you to be able to get quickly back to what you like to do. Escorting, cargo running, mining, making money, you can't do it when you are stranded. This small but strong and dependable little ship could be used with the Reclaimer after a large battle for search and rescues. With the tractorbeam capable of moving ships many times the size of the SRV, we can get you home safely.

The Argo SRV can also help in the recovery of cargo, with the powerful engine it is able to move large cargo loads. Whether it is loading your "special cargo" or recovering your cargo after a bad jump the SRV is here to help you shift it all back in to place. The powerful tractorbeam is able to lift SCU loads to get you back on track and out there moving your frieght.

Tools of the trade


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The Greycat Industrial Pyro RYT Multi-Tool

The Greycat Industrial Pyro RYT Multi-Tool (or simply Personal Multi-Tool) is a hand carried item used for removing components, welding an air leak, opening stuck doors, and even rescuing a stranded crew. This useful item is equipped with the capabilities of a small-scale version of a workshop's Repair Arm. The Multi Tool can be purchased in Lorville on Hurston at Tammany and Sons.

This is Industries

To some, salvage and recovery may not be Hollywood worthy or sexy, but Industries is for the dedicated hard working people of Vanguard. It will be the backbone of the Organization in keeping their ships running and making a profit off the scrap and rare items found in the desolate battlefields and lonely debris fields of the Verse. Industries will be the foundation laid to keep expansion possible into the frontiers of space!


To Industry, nothing is impossible
— Latin Proverb