Advise and Inspire

Our Goals: Composed of three main groups, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Event Planning our job in Premiere Wing is several fold. We act as a glue between the Wings ensuring smooth Operations and a unified approach when dealing with all matters internally and externally. Importantly we also function as the primary content creation directors for the ORG as well as providing the leadership with intelligence and counsel concerning Recruitment, Promotion, Diplomacy, and overall Group Play.


Human Resources, Representative Group, and Event Promotion

Whether it is a multi-billion credit company or a small gaming community, interaction with friends, colleagues, clients, and customers are bound to produce an issue at some point. We believe there are virtually no kerfuffles between gamers that cannot be resolved in our community when using our process of conflict mitigation. Maintaining the human relationships between all of our members, allies, and associates are to our success. Premiere focuses on those human relationships. Our members know that they can always come to our Wing with any issues if their own leadership or the Fleet Marshal’s cannot assist.

Our Organisation allows anybody to join. Every Wing recruits through their own network. Premiere still goes out of the way to find the right people for the right job. This is why we are allowed to have multiple ORGS as affiliates. Our Wing focuses on alliance building, networking, and joining other ORGS where we understand that there is mutual reciprocity.

The Organisational Infrastructure was theorised by every member and Wing in the early days. As VNGD has grown, Premiere has taken over most of the regular maintenance including the maintenance of this website. Our group continues to advise the leadership and aid in the day to day needs of our group.

Human Resources


Creative Direction

We recruit,

We keep the peace,

We are envoys in service of DracoHardt and Vanguard,

We thrive when we ensure Vanguard’s ability to remain hospitable,

We want to foster creative development within the Star Citizen community and gaming community at large,

We are the front door of VNGD. All are welcome.

Premiere focuses on creative direction in the ORG whenever and wherever possible. Making content is fun! Come and join when we make videos and you will quickly see how much fun Machinima can be. -FEEDMASTER

Grievance Form

This form is to allow members of vanguard who have any issues with anything related to the org, leadership, or players. Premiere wing will use this form to mediate any disputes or bring any relevant issues to the council.

Enter your in RSI Handle
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Representative Group

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Vanguard Verse News

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