Welcome to Med-Tech, buckle up and get ready to be one of the busiest members of Vanguard for however long you manage to stick with us. Med-Tech, or the Medical & Technical Wing of Vanguard, is comprised of 3 squadrons that specialize in the following:

Medical Squadron:

SAR Operations

  • The Retrieval of downed or lost pilots/Marines.

Medical Relief / Triage / Trauma Care

  • The running of medics within ground units.

Technical Knowledge

  • The gathering and distribution of technical knowledge related to ship fitments, core components, weapons capabilities (Both space & ground) and general technical knowledge of the universe and its mechanics.

Engineering Knowledge / Field Repair

  • Engineering wings work hand-in-hand with Technical wings in order to know the most up-to-date techniques for tuning ships to their desired or specific role.

  • Engineering also has its own rescue role, working alongside the SAR operators to capture ships for refit or delivery of their coordinates to the appropriate salvage teams after securing all loose items or components within the craft.

Each of these wings plays an important role within Vanguard, I would argue the most important as we are the ones responsible for making sure the fleet has the most up-to-date configurations and knowledge of their equipment while also being the first to respond to lost pilots, SOS calls (Alongside Security) and ground side engagement teams to make sure these guys and gals are kept alive and in fighting shape.

The Medical / Technical wing is lead by a Wing Commander who delegates needs/missions to the individual Group Captains depending on the needs of the fleet as a whole. From there, those Group Captains delegate further to the Chiefs and Master Chiefs of their individual squadrons. The goal of the Med-Tech training package is for any individual in any squadron to be able to perform all jobs within that squadron, with all groups being able to perform as medical response and emergency engineer assistance teams as required.

The purpose of the Medical Wing is pretty self explanatory. The medical wing covers all things medical. This ranges from interstellar rescue, working with the exploration wings if required, to being right down in the nitty gritty dirt, dust and blood of a ground or station-side battlefield. In the Medical wing, we are responsible for getting our brothers and sisters out of battle, out of the void or just out of tight spots as needed in order for them to continue functioning and contributing to Vanguard Operations as a whole.

    • Expectations:

      • Own or have access to ships capable of deep space operations with above average scanner suites and engines.

      • The ability to scan down and navigate to POI (Points of Interest) and target locations within a given system.

      • A solid understanding of the medical mechanics of Star Citizen / Squadron 42 upon their unveiling.

      • The ability to operate on your own, making decisions based off of the tactical and local situations upon your arrival or when given via voice communications/discord/in-game media.

    • Roles

      • On-ship medical personnel.

        • Members of the Medical Squadron can and will find themselves assigned to specific fleet ships in teams of 1-4, depending on fleet needs.

      • Green Side Medical

        • Members of the Medical Squadron can also be expected to find themselves deployed alongside the Vanguard Marines to provide on-site medical aid to wounded Marines and civilian personnel.

      • Hospital Ship Assignment

        • Vanguard may run one or two ships capable of housing a medical or hospital module. Medical Squadron members will be assigned to this ship on mission deployments as required.

        • This assignment does not include ferrying/escort activities with the ship in question. The Medical wing may provide 1 Vanguard to a hospital ship for non-mission maneuvers at the Group Captain’s discretion or if volunteers are had.

      • Search and Rescue

        • Medical Squadron members assigned to search and rescue are the top tier of Medical Wing members. They’re role is to swoop in to dangerous situations and extract incapacitated members of Vanguard when needed. These individuals specialize in not only ship combat, but ground combat as well and are able to defend themselves and others to rescue their target, as needed.

        • Search and Rescue, when not performing in a SAR capacity, will also work within the other roles of the Medical Squadron as needed.

I, Deadspin, do not foresee there being any major hurdles to any member of the Medical Wing being SAR certified. I imagine that the basic mechanics of the game will be lenient enough to make finding other players and their ships relatively easy when SOS beacons are fired off within the Org.

The purpose of the Technical Squadron and Tech Corps within this Wing is relatively simple, yet incredibly robust and demanding at the same time. To put it simply, these guys/gals are responsible for finding and implementing the most up-to-date information about the game into Vanguards SOPs (via recommendation, of course). These players are our nerds, for a lack of better terminology. They know the ins and out of ship systems, how to deploy them effectively and in what combination, what weapons will work best on what mounts and how/where to acquire them (Which gets passed on to the Logistics Squadrons).

Technical Squadron:

    • Expectations:

      • Members of the Tech Squadron are expected to have a detailed understanding of ship mechanics, ship equipment, shipboard weapons platforms and specialty mission equipment.

      • Basic Excel/Google Doc skills.

      • The ability to speak clearly and concisely when explaining why a particular gear set works best.


      • Org Wide support with ship specific design packages.

        • Members of the Technical Squadron will be tasked with coming up with the best, cutting edge, component and internal gear packages for the various Wings. These packages will consist of items like the following:

          • Recommended Scanner Suites by brand, size, grade, etc.

          • Recommended Engines, Power Plants, Shields, Thrusters, Radar packages, all by Grade, Size and Brand.

        • Members of the Technical Squadron will be tasked with doing the research to figure out which components work best together and on which ship these packages will see the best return for the investment required.

        • Tech Squadron members also need to know which ships will give you the best bang for your buck. IE: Does a Freelancer DUR work better than a Hornet Tracker for tracking down distress beacons and being able to offload support to players in need of it.

          • Will the radar/scanner package of a Cutlass work better for a specific role than the one on a Constellation? That kind of information.

        • These members are going to be the heart and soul of the org’s ability to branch out with the most effective ships and gear needed for that specific mission.

        • Technical Squadron members will need to be able to help newer players by advising them of best routes to get what they need.

    • Hacking / Tool Usage / Special Equipment Teams

      • The Technical Squadron will also boast a specialized department of Pilots and Ground Certified members that will be able to attach to Vanguard Marine and Special Operations Capable units.

      • These members will specialize in the deployment of specialized tools geared for electronic warfare and breaching of static systems either aboard space stations or planet-side elements.