Go learn about Drug Labs: (Updating: Some info may not reflect conditions in 3.5)

  • Understand it's risks and rewards.

  • You need to bring them med-supplies so they can cook your widow. Agricultural supplies work too. Do not go empty handed or you probably can't buy anything. They buy both med-supplies and agricultural supplies at a premium, so just the trip out is profitable as well.

  • Figure out how to get there this will help:

    Jumptown Location https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/9y8sk4/33_live_jumptown_location_picture_goby/, you should be able to find it at night as it's the safest time to go, there are also Youtube videos. You start the run at Grim Hex.

  • Learn to avoid pirates, if someone is there when you arrive, just burn right on through. DO NOT LAND, with a full cargo of med-supplies on a cutlass you're out 78k aUEC, it's not

  • worth trusting someone to do the right thing.

  • If anyone is airborne in a non-trading vessel, they are probably going to kill you, so keep your afterburners on and get back to orbit as quickly as you can, then QT to safety.

  • If someone offers to not kill you in exchange for a few thousand credits, do it, this is a good deal.Running a Cutlass Black fully loaded with med supplies, then returning with Widow/Altruciatoxin is 35k profit

  • First sell Med-supplies, then buy as much widow as they will sell, then buy Altruciatoxin to fill your hold, then get the hell out of there and burn to orbit

  • Go to Ghex, get inside the safe zone and land/sell your stuff. You will have terminal sale problems, refer to the section above for handling this

  • When you have your hold empty, return to PO and repeat.

  • (repeated below in surviving pirate encounters) If you are coming into Jumptown, BURN at a high altitude and make a pass-over to ensure no one is nearby. The higher up you are, the harder you can burn. Any pirates lying in wait in ships will be radar detectable within 4-5km and will have a hard time catching you if you do a flyover at 800m/s.