Engineering Squadron / Engineers:

The Engineering Corps / Squadron of the Med-Tech wing is made up of hard charging players who possess a passion for repairing, refitting and retrieving ships to get them back into the action as quickly as possible. Engineers aboard their own ships or tasked out as crew to others will tag Salvage for the Salvage teams after assessing a vehicle to decide whether or not it can be recovered in place or not. These ladies and gentlemen dive into some of the most dangerous and unstable environments in the void and on the ground to make sure our pilots can get their gear up (if they even deployed it in the first place) and their ships back into the fight.

Engineering Squadron:

    • Expectations:

      • Access and the knowledge required to use the tools and services available to the player to repair ships in-place (As in, while they’re floating derelict in space or sitting dead on the ground).

      • A strong working knowledge of the game mechanics surrounding the repair and/or retrieval of ship hulls.

      • The ability to pass on coordinates for ships too damaged to be repaired in-place.

      • Knowledge of the engineering station, its uses, pros and cons, aboard any ship in the fleet.

      • A strong working knowledge of component locations aboard multi-crew capable ships.

      • Strong communication skills. Engineers will need to work with the Technical Squadron and Logistics Squadrons to source parts, establish caches along traveled routes/home systems and work with frustrated ship pilots without losing their calm.

    • Roles:

      • Stand-Alone Engineer:

        • The player is able to move about in their own ship, responding to Org generated (Discord or in-game media) calls for assistance. The player keeps an inventory of generic parts needed to get most damaged ships up and moving again or has quick access to such an inventory either aboard their ship or on a sister ship.

      • Group Engineer:

        • The Group Engineer specializes in working aboard large multi-crew ships. He or she possesses a well refined knowledge of what’s needed from Engineer stations, where components are located within the ship for ease of access and how to effectively communicate with bridge crews when needed.

      • Combat Engineer

        • The Combat Engineer is an Engineer who specializes in boarding action as well as repair actions during combat. These engineers are trained marksmen and superior engineers capable of performing under stress in all environments.

Individual Player Expectations and Roles:

As was mentioned earlier in this document, all players in the Med-Tech wing, regardless of Squadron assignment, are expected to be able to fill the roles of basic “Engineer” and “Medic” for Vanguard Operations.

Cross Squadron Roles:

    • Expectations:

      • Players are expected to have a basic knowledge of both the medical and engineering aspects of Star Citizen.

      • Players should have access to at least one ship that can facilitate these roles.

        • Said ship should be able to carry at least 2 active crew and 4 passengers.

        • Said ship should be able to carry an inventory of spare parts for ships of equal or one size classification higher (theory, reliant on finished game mechanics).

      • Players are expected to follow command direction when directed away from current assignments to act as an engineer or medic when a lack of available assets deems this necessary.

    • Basic Roles, expanded:

      • Medic:

        • Players should know the basics involved in retrieving a downed or injured player and relaying them to the safety of a nearby ship.

        • Players should know how to administer basic first aid to other players (A health shot?)

        • Players should know where hospitals are located in all major ports frequented by Vanguard.

      • Engineer:

        • Players should know how to repair a basic component and be equipped to do so at all times.

        • Players should know where to acquire new ship equipment.

        • Players should understand the basic function of an engineer station on a multi-crew ship.